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Welcome to our sight

Welcome to the Willimantic Seventh-day Adventist Church! 


We are a community of faith, love and fellowship who accept new friends in our midst with joy.  If you are looking for a place to worship God with a group of people you can feel at home with, come and spend time with us.

Every Saturday - according to the Fourth Commandment of the Law of God - we have the Sabbath School @ 9:30 AM and Worship @ 11:00 AM.


Our door and hearts are open for...

...those who are looking for something better in their life,

...those who are lonely and need someone to be their friend,

...those who are feeling the pressure of sin and are looking for a Savior, and

...those who are struggling with problems and want someone to pray for them.



Our mission is: 

To proclaim the eternal gospel of the Lord in our church and in the community, leading people to accept Jesus as a personal and unique Savior, making them disciples and working together, nurturing them in preparation for Jesus' soon coming.

 Thanks for visiting

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