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Adventist Youth & Young Adults



Maranatha Community Garden


More information to come...


The garden is looking great and harvesting has begun! This year the garden has been a huge blessing; with many new connections made within our community. Make sure to check us out on Facebook or call the Willimantic Church for more information.

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Better Living Video Classes

Charcoal Remedies 

Stress Management 

Life Recovery By Cheri Peters

 See Head Elder Tom Merrill

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Stay current, check out all of our wonderful ministries and how you can get involved!

Prayer Meeting


Please join us for an in-depth Bible Study and Prayer meeting at Wednesday 6:30 PM.

Sermon Central


Weekly Sermon Videos Click Here.


Missed Sabbath? What did the pastor say again? Check out our sermon library and listen to our weekly messages. Also watch CChrist-centeredvideos as they are posted often!

Sabbath School


Sabbath School is what makes Church interactive! Got questions? Need answers? Sabbath School is a great place to come and tackle the tough stuff. Each week we cover a tough and insightful lesson that will draw you closer to Christ. Each lesson can be found in a Quarterly. A study guide that lays out the lesson over the entire week. So each day you can study the word of God; all accumulating to that Sabbath Morning when we can all come together and discuss what we learned!


This isn’t just for adults. Every age has their own Quarterly or lesson plan designed for their age group.

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