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The Willimantic SDA Church started in the late 1800’s in the Willimantic area and was located in many different places including the YMCA in the 1940’s and the Methodist church on Church street in Willimantic in the 50’s.


In the early 60’s a new church building was constructed on Lewiston Avenue and was home for over twenty years. In 1982 the church was led of the Lord to sell the Lewiston Avenue church building and build a new and larger facility on a 3.5 acre lot on Quarry Street. Our head deacon Bob Benzinger and his construction crew completed the church building in the fall of 1985. The Quarry Street church has a maximum capacity of about 200. We expect that it’s capacity will be reached and exceeded within the next two to three years. 


The church has been led by over 20 pastors during its lifetime including such well known pastors as Ron Halverson, Russell Burrell and Bill Fagal.


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